How Signature Stamps Save You Time and 3 Other Proven Benefits

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Productive individuals know how to trim the fat from their busy schedules. They know which tasks need to be done by hand and which ones can be delegated, automated, or simplified.

Signing your name—if you’re someone who needs to complete this task incessantly—is a perfect example of a small, cumbersome task that can be modified to save time.

To some, the concept of signature stamps might seem unnecessary. After all, signing your name is no big deal. It only takes a few seconds.

However, if you’re someone who has to sign their name over and over again on a daily basis, a signature stamp provides welcome relief.

Professionals in certain roles, such as administrative staff or business owners, often need to apply their signatures to dozens of documents per day. The time spent on this task adds up. And so do the aches and pains in the wrist and hand muscles.

Are you looking for clever ways to streamline your paperwork? Let’s review the many surprising benefits of upgrading your name-signing process with a signature stamp, including:

  • How signature stamps save you time and energy
  • Signature stamps and pain relief for your hands and wrists
  • How signature stamps can be used to perfect your signature
  • The benefits of signature stamps for people with physical challenges

1 - Signature Stamps Save You Time and Energy

woman hand-signing her name on a stack of papers
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If it takes you five seconds to sign your name, then you spend over eight minutes per 100 signatures, or over an hour per 1,000 signatures. If you sign your name hundreds of times every week, it sure would be nice to get some of that time back.

When you apply your signature with a stamp rather than a pen, you can easily cut your signing time in half—or better. Stamping takes just a second or two.

When using a self-inking stamp, you don’t even need to press down on an ink pad. These stamps contain an internal ink pad. When you gently press the stamp on a piece of paper, the stamp rotates from the ink pad to the page, then back again.

Using a self-inking stamp turns name signing into a nearly effortless process, saving you a few precious seconds during every single use.

2 - Signature Stamps Relieve Stress on Your Hand and Wrist Muscles

hand wrapped around a wrist in response to pain

Does handwriting hurt your hand, fingers, or wrist? Handwriting is a repetitive motion that requires hand muscles to remain locked in a state of slight tension. Therefore, excessive handwriting can lead to pain or injury.

Individuals who are constantly writing may develop writer’s cramp, a condition in which pen or pencil use becomes painful and awkward. Additionally, handwriting can contribute to or irritate any of these problems:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tendon pain
  • Skin irritation

Compared to writing by hand, stamping is much easier on the joints and muscles of your wrists and hands. The motion is simple and requires minimal coordination, grip, or exertion. Just line up your stamp and lightly press down. You could stamp your name all day and never get sore.

3 - Signature Stamps Make it Possible to Use Your Ideal Signature Every Time

John A. Doe signature stamp example
Signature Stamp Example

What does your signature say about you?

A scribbly signature suggests that you’re too busy to care if anyone can read the letters. A sloppy one looks childish and unprofessional. One that’s awkwardly large seems egotistical, while a tiny signature looks timid.

You probably have an idea of what your perfect signature looks like. However, despite years of practice, your hand still falters. The pen strokes never seem to come out just the way you want them to. It doesn’t help that you absolutely never use cursive, except for name-signing.

If you really focus, you can probably lay down a tidy, stylish signature. But how long does that take? Five or ten seconds of total concentration every time you want your signature to look nice? There are better ways to spend your precious time and attention.

Rather than trying to recreate the perfect signature every time you need to sign your name, just purchase a signature stamp.

Before ordering your signature stamp, you can take your time to draft the perfect signature.

Once you have a version you’re happy with, it becomes the prototype for all of your future signatures. Once you receive your signature stamp, you’ll be able to apply your ideal signature to every document without thinking twice about your form or penmanship.

4 - Signature Stamps Are Helpful for People With Physical Challenges

black Trodat Printy 4913 self-inking stamp from Pro Stamps
Trodat Printy 4913

If you or a loved one lives with an injury, disability, or illness that limits mobility, you know that everyday tasks can be painful, time-consuming, and unpleasant.

Cerebral palsy, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and broken bones are just a few of the many physical challenges that can make signing your name difficult or impossible. 

Activities like name-signing seem to shine a spotlight on mobility problems. This can result in anxiety and embarrassment, along with the inconvenience of struggling through what should be a simple task.

Many individuals who can’t easily operate a pen are able to perform the much simpler stamp-pressing motion. While handwriting requires a firm grip and fine motor skills, the movements required for stamping are considerably more accessible.

Stamps are useful even for people who can’t personally operate them. By delegating stamp use to a trusted partner, mobility limitations no longer get in the way of applying signatures with ease.

Signature Stamps From Pro Stamps 

At Pro Stamps, our custom stamp products include signature stamps, address stamps, and custom logo stamps. We also make stamps for notaries, engineers, and other professionals.

For signature stamps, we use rectangular self-inking Trodat Printy 4913 stamps. This is the same model we use for notary stamps. The Printy 4913 is the world’s best-selling notary stamp. These stamps are good for 5,000 impressions per replaceable ink pad, and come in six different colors:

  • Black
  • Mint
  • Mango
  • Sky blue
  • Lilac
  • White

Order your signature stamp today and say goodbye to sloppy signatures, wrist pain, and wasted time.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about professional stamp products, visit the Pro Stamps blog. See below for answers to frequently asked questions about signature stamps and Pro Stamps custom stamp products.

Is it legal to stamp your name rather than sign by hand? 

In most cases, it’s legal and acceptable to sign your name with a stamp. This includes signatures for bank checks. Before using a stamp on important documents, check the applicable laws or institutional policies. To prevent fraud or accidental misuse, keep your signature stamp in secure storage when it’s not in use.

How do I order a signature stamp from Pro Stamps? 

To order a signature stamp from Pro Stamps, follow these steps:

  • Write your signature on a blank white piece of paper.
  • Scan your signature and upload it to the Signature Stamp purchase page.
  • Select your stamp and choose a case color (black, lilac, mint, mango, sky blue, or white).
  • Add your stamp to your cart and complete your order.

After receiving your order and a copy of your signature, we digitize your signature in high resolution and laser engrave it onto your stamp.

How fast is Pro Stamps shipping? 

Pro Stamps shipping is 100% free of charge on all purchases. We ship first class via the United States Postal Service (USPS). All of our stamps and seals are made in the USA and orders are shipped within one business day. Shipping takes 2–5 days, similar to the speed of priority mail shipping.