Stamp Information

  Digital Files

Prostamps provides electronic seals in multiple formats including PDF,  TIF, and JPG formats. Your digital stamp purchase will be sent to you within 24 hours of order placement. All rubber and self inking purchases come with these digital stamps free of charge. We will send these images in advance of your order to confirm spelling of name and confirmation of license number on the stamp purchased.

Self-inking Stamp

PRINTY 4642              PRINTY 46050

The self-inking stamps we provide are of the highest quality and supplied by Trodat, a leader in self-inking stamps. The self-inking stamps have a built in stamp pad that the stamp die is rotated against and inked each time it is used. Good for 5,000 impressions, the self-inking stamp contains an ink pad that can be re-inked or replaced for continual use. We supply the Printy 4642 model for all stamps 1 5/8" diameter and less and the Printy 46050 for all stamps larger than 1 5/8" diameter. Each stamp comes with a dust cap that that allows for compact clean storage when not in use.

 Wood Rubber Stamp

For those that like the classic wood rubber stamp, we offer all of the engineer, surveyor, and architect seals on a natural wood mount.  Our wood rubber stamps feature natural wood bases and walnut stained wooden handles. Separate ink is required with this stamp.