How do You Choose the Best Notary Seal Stamp? Four Factors to Consider

Black and Silver stamp

The notary public role is uniquely defined by the use of a single simple tool: the seal stamp.

So, it’s critical to have a high-quality notary stamp that won’t let you down.

Pro Stamps is your one-stop shop for rubber stamps and seals. We serve various professional groups in which the use of a seal stamp is required, such as:

  • engineers
  • architects
  • land surveyors
  • and notaries 

All of our stamps are fully compliant with your state’s notary seal requirements.

Looking for your next notary stamp? Let’s review what to look for to ensure that your notary seal meets all of your needs. 

Choosing a High-Quality Notary Stamp

A good notary seal stamp is durable, reliable, and easy to use. A firm, gentle press on the page should leave a clearly visible seal that doesn’t smudge or smear.

And the stamp should persist over frequent and long-term use. A good stamp is capable of delivering legible results through thousands of impressions.

The primary option for your notary seal stamp purchase at Pro Stamps is the self-inking stamp. If you’re looking for a solution for your electronic documents, you can get high-quality digital stamps in PDF, TIFF, and JPG formats

Self-Inking Seal Stamp

The more commonly preferred modern choice is a self-inking stamp. These have a small built-in ink pad within the stamp’s frame. After each use, the stamp die rotates against the pad to prepare for the next stamping.

pre-inked notary seal for a professional state notary to apply to documents
Self-inking Stamp

Self-inking stamps make for an effortless stamping process for busy notaries. The simple bit of mechanical technology inside a self-inking stamp is a huge time saver.

Pro Stamps supplies the Printy 4642 model for any round stamp of 1 5/8” diameter and less, and the Printy 46050 model for all stamps larger than 1 5/8” diameter. For rectangular stamps, we carry the Printy 4913. This happens to be the most popular notary stamp in the world.

Each self-inking stamp is good for 5,000 impressions. That’s good for three stamps per day, every weekday of the year, for nearly four years.

Of course, there’s more to your notary supplies needs than just the quality of the stamp. Here are four additional factors to consider when making your notary seal stamp purchase. 

Notary Stamps that Meet the Standards for Your State

notary embossers and notary seal stamps for use by a notary public
Delaware Notary Stamp and Seal

Every state has its own requirements for notary stamps. There are minor differences from state to state. For example, some states require a round stamp, while others require a rectangular one. The required size of the stamp also varies, as does the specific information that must be included in the text.

For example, a Montana notary seal stamp must be rectangular in shape. And it must indicate the city in which the notary public resides. Meanwhile, an Idaho notary seal stamp can be rectangular or circular but must include a serrated or milled edge border design.

So, a notary seal stamp is not a one-size-fits-all product. Therefore, it’s important to purchase from a provider that is prepared to issue stamps that meet the requirements of each state.

Here are five popular notary states and their requirements:

1. California

The seal may be circular not over two inches in diameter, or may be rectangular not more than one inch in width by two and one-half inches in length, with a serrated or milled edged border

2. District of Columbia

DC Notary Seals are made to include the following text with a circular border: Name, Notary Public, District of Columbia and Commission Expiration Date.

3. Florida

The Notary ink stamp may be either round or rectangular. It must include the notary's name, exactly as commissioned, the words "Notary Public - State of Florida," the notary's commission number, and the date when the commission expires.

4. Texas

A notary seal of office should clearly show, when embossed, stamped, or printed on a document, the words "Notary Public, State of Texas" around a star of five points, the notary public's name, and the date the notary public's commission expires.

5. Washington

A notary seal may be round or rectangular. It must include the words "Notary Public" and "State of Washington" in letters and numbers that are a minimum of eight-point type, permanently affixed, and not preprinted.

You can find more information on the other states below.

Alabama Louisiana North Carolina
Alaska Maine North Dakota
Arizona Maryland Ohio
Arkansas Massachusetts Oklahoma
Colorado Michigan Oregon
Connecticut Minnesota Pennsylvania
Delaware Mississippi South Carolina
Georgia Missouri South Dakota
Hawaii Montana Tennessee
Idaho Nebraska Utah
Illinois Nevada Vermont
Indiana New Hampshire Virginia
Iowa New Jersey West Virginia
Kansas New Mexico Wisconsin
Kentucky New York Wyoming

Pro Stamps offers professional notary stamps and seals for all 50 states. Don’t worry about figuring out all of the details of your state’s standards. Just select your state from our notary seal menu and you’ll find the properly designed stamp waiting for you.

You’ll then simply fill in the details of your name and notary commission, and your fully compliant customized notary seal stamp will be headed your way.

Fast and Free Shipping 

Shipping isn’t always the most favorable aspect of an online purchase experience. It can add substantially to your order costs. Then, days go by waiting for the order to arrive.

We know that time is of the essence in notary work. A delay in your ability to apply your seal can result in an unfortunate interruption in your professional services.

So, we offer fast and free shipping so that the delivery process doesn’t slow down your work.

All Pro Stamps products are shipped First Class via the United States Postal Service. This allows for fast nationwide delivery in three days or less.

Any order placed before 3 pm Eastern Time will be shipped on the very same day. Orders arriving after 3 pm will ship out on the next business day.

We ship to any US address or PO Box and many APO/FPO/DPO destinations. 

Notary Seal Stamp Digital Options

notary seal indicating expiration date and state seal for use by a professional notary
Maryland Notary Stamp and Seal

For today’s notaries, a digital version of your seal is every bit as indispensable as your physical stamp. Many professionals whose roles require seal stamps report that these days, it’s all about the digital stamp. Their rubber stamps collect dust in the back of the drawer, while the digital version is copied, pasted, and emailed.

For notaries, rubber stamping isn’t going out of style anytime soon. But the digital stamp is still an increasingly important factor.

To that end, Pro Stamps offers digital stamps free of charge with each rubber and self-inking stamp purchase. Your digital stamp image will be sent your way in advance of your mail order. This allows you to confirm the correct spelling of your name and your other notary seal details.

Electronic seals are available in PDF, TIF, and JPG formats.

Is the digital version all that you need? You’re welcome to purchase your digital seal stamp independent of a rubber stamp order. 

Lifetime Warranty for Notary Stamps

A strong warranty is known as a good indicator of a brand that offers high-quality products.

At Pro Stamps, we’re proud to be the only certified notary stamp company that offers a lifetime warranty. Purchase your seal stamp with the full assurance of long-lasting high quality. 

Notarize in Style with Your Custom Rubber Stamp

notary seals, notary stamps, and other notary supplies for professional notaries
Source: thebluediamondgallery

As a notary, you depend on your seal stamp. It’s a simple but powerful tool.

It’s estimated that there are more than 4.5 million notaries public in the United States. And they keep busy, notarizing approximately 1.25 billion documents per year. Notary stamps truly keep the wheels of society turning.

And each notarization represents the completion of a milestone. Oftentimes a document is notarized towards the end of a long and meaningful process, such as a real estate transaction. The involved parties have already been through a lot by the time they pass a page across a desk to be notarized.

The notary is perhaps a bit player, but she is also a key participant. Every notary is used to seeing the looks of relief on the faces of those that they serve.

With so much at stake, isn’t it worth having a great stamp? A high-quality seal stamp from a company that recognizes the importance of excellent customer service in online transactions — that’s what you can expect from Pro Stamps.

Of course, notaries aren’t the only ones brightening people’s days with high-stakes stamping. So, we’ve also got stamps and seals covering all 50 states for engineers, architects, and land surveyors. Custom stamp products are also available for any business in need of a signature stamp, address stamp, or logo stamp.

For each professional industry that we serve, our stamps will meet the unique requirements of every state. And you’ll get our fast and free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and a complimentary digital stamp version with your order.

Find the stamp you need in our notary stamp list Can’t find precisely what you’re looking for? Contact us with any questions about our products or your order, and we’ll be sure to get back to you quickly. 

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