Signature Stamp for Checks: 3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

signature stamp for checks

Are you constantly signing your name? Penning your signature by hand is a simple task, but it becomes tiresome.

Perhaps it’s time to give your wrist a break by switching from signing to stamping. A Signature Stamp for checks is a one-time purchase that can save you time on a daily basis.

A signature stamp is simply a stamp that bears your signature. It can be used for signing checks and documents.

Today, we’re reviewing everything you could possibly want to know about these elegant and inexpensive time-savers.

Let’s learn about:

  • The legality of signing your name with a self-inking stamp
  • The benefits and advantages of using a signature stamp
  • How to obtain a new self-inking signature stamp 

1 - It’s Legal to Sign Checks With a Signature Stamp

black Trodat Printy 4913 self-inking stamp from Pro Stamps
Signature Stamp

In the USA, it’s legal and common to sign a bank check using a signature stamp. 

In fact, if you look at the back of a check, you’ll see the following text:

“Do not write, stamp, or sign below this line.” 

As indicated, writing and stamping are both viable options for endorsing a check. 

The legality of check-signing is described by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), an act that establishes norms for commercial transactions. The UCC permits the signing of checks by hand or by device.

As far as your bank and the law are concerned, there’s no difference between a hand-signed check and a stamped check. 

2 - A Trusted Partner Can Sign Checks for You With Your Signature Stamp

John A. Doe signature stamp example
Signature Stamp

In many cases, it’s okay to delegate the use of your signature to a trusted family member or business associate. 

The key is consent. To avoid misunderstandings, provide written permission to anyone who signs documents for you. Describe exactly when they can and can not sign your name for you. 

If you share your signature stamp at your workplace, require anyone who uses it to keep a log that documents all of their delegated signings. 

Using a stamp simplifies signature delegation because your signature will bear a consistent appearance, regardless of who applied it. 

It’s legal to sign checks for someone else, with their consent. However, different institutions, such as banks, local governments, and workplaces, have different rules for delegating signatures.

Before letting someone else use your signature, always make sure that doing so is permitted by the applicable laws and rules. 

3 - Signature Stamps Make Signing Checks and Documents Easy and Convenient

Repetitive name signing is tiresome. Sometimes, it’s even physically painful.

This passage from an Oscar Wilde biography sums it up:

“(He) had employed two secretaries, one being responsible for the autographs, the other for the locks of his hair, and that in six months the first had died of writer’s cramp—the other was completely bald.” — Oscar Wilde biography

Mr. Wilde was exaggerating, but the pain is real. How many checks can you sign before your hand starts begging for a break? 100? 1,000? 

Whether physical limitations make hand-signing impossible, or if you’re simply looking to save some time, signature stamps streamline your busy work. Here are a few benefits that signature stamp users enjoy. 

Signature Stamps Save Time and Energy

Signing your name is a minor task. However, some professionals need to sign their names over … and over … and over again. A small task becomes a big one when it’s performed dozens of times per day or hundreds of times per week.

Does your work require you to regularly sign entire stacks of checks or other papers?

Shaving a second or two off of each signature quickly adds up to a substantial time-saver. Not to mention, it’s a huge relief on your wrist when the signing motion is replaced with the more joint-friendly stamping motion.

A Signature Stamp Establishes a Consistent Signature

A signature is a sort of personal trademark. It’s the unique touch you apply to otherwise digital documents, such as checks and contracts. You want it to look a certain way.

You might have bad handwriting, or you might find that making your signature look the way you want it to requires an impractical amount of focus.

The solution is to standardize your signature. Write it perfectly one time, apply that version to a stamp, and never have to worry about how your signature looks again. 

Signature Stamps Are Helpful for People With Hand Injuries or Handicaps 

Every year, around the world, approximately 18 million wrist and hand fractures occur, along with six million thumb or finger amputations. Such injuries represent only a few of the physical challenges that prevent or inhibit the movements required for handwriting. 

Health concerns like stroke, paralysis, or Parkinson’s disease can all make using a pen impossible or exhausting. Previously simple tasks, like signing checks, become major hassles. 

For anyone who can’t easily operate a pen, a stamp simplifies the name-signing process. Many individuals who experience difficulties with pens are able to more comfortably operate a stamp.

If the use of one’s hands is more severely restricted, stamp use can be delegated to a trusted partner. That way, no matter what physical handicap prevents hand-signing, a person’s signature can look just the way they want it to, every time. 

Custom Stamp Products From Pro Stamps

sample address stamp with a family’s name and address
Address Stamps

At Pro Stamps, we’re proud to offer the highest-quality, longest-lasting stamps and seals for busy professionals.

We provide the following types of state board-compliant professional stamps:

  • Notary Stamps
  • Surveyor Stamps
  • Architect Stamps
  • Professional Engineer Stamps

We also make custom stamp products, including address stamps, custom logo stamps, and signature stamps. 

Pro Stamps’ Trodat Printy self-inking stamps are the finest stamps available. For signature stamps, we use the Printy 4913, the world’s most popular model for notary stamps. 

Self-inking stamps are easy to use rapidly, perfect for applying your signature over and over again. The ink pad is inside the case, where each imprint is wetted automatically when pressure is applied. 

Here are the full product details for our Trodat Printy self-inking stamps:

Stamp Brand and Style Maximum Stamp Size Stamp Case Color Options
Self-inking Trodat Printy 4913 ⅞” x 2.25” Black, mint, mango, sky blue, lilac, white

The signature on your stamp will appear exactly as you want it to. Simply write your signature on a blank, white piece of paper. Scan the paper and upload it to the purchase page before you add the stamp to your cart. 

After receiving your order and signature sample, we’ll create a high-resolution digital version of your signature. We then use laser engraving to apply your signature to your stamp.

black Trodat
Signature Stamp

Frequently Asked Questions

wood rubber stamp and seal from Pro Stamps
Stamp Information

Check out the Pro Stamps Industry News page for more professional stamp buying guides. For answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions, see below or visit our Stamp Information page.

How long does a self-inking stamp last?

Trodat Printy self-inking stamps are good for 5,000 impressions. Every stamp comes with a dust cap for clean and compact storage, helping your stamp last for many years. 

Does Pro Stamps offer free shipping?

Pro Stamps offers free shipping for all orders. Orders are shipped first class via the United States Postal Service (USPS).

When will I receive my stamp order?

All stamps and seals from Pro Stamps are made in the USA and shipped within one business day. Shipping typically takes between 2–5 days, similar to priority mail speeds.