How to Get a Customized PE Stamp for Any American State

Customized PE Stamp

Professional Engineers shape the world that we live in. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the work that PEs do. They design the infrastructure, systems, and hardware that make modern life possible.

As described by the National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics for Engineers:

“Engineering is an important and learned profession. As members of this profession, engineers are expected to exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Engineering has a direct and vital impact on the quality of life for all people.”

So, your engineering seal is a powerful symbol. It signifies that you attest to the authenticity of a document and that it was prepared to the best of your ability in accordance with current codes.

Everyone else who handles, reads and refers to that document trusts its contents because it carries your name and your professional seal.

At Pro Stamps, we have the utmost admiration and appreciation for professional engineers.

We’re proud to make one small, humble contribution to your work: providing you with the highest quality stamps for your engineering seals. And the best possible customer service, ordering process, and delivery. We want the task of obtaining your new stamp to be a quick and painless process that doesn’t interrupt the flow of your work.

Applying your seal is an important action. So the stamp itself should be reliable, long-lasting, and provide high-quality imprints every time.

In this guide, we’ll describe your options for obtaining a professional stamp that complies with your state’s requirements. 

What Professional Engineer Stamp Should I Use?

self-inking or pre-inked stamp for engineering seals that meet state requirements
Self-inking Stamp

Most professionals that need to frequently stamp their work prefer to use a self-inking stamp.

A self-inking stamp contains a built-in stamp pad inside the device. The stamp die rotates against the pad after each use. This makes applying your PE stamp an effortless, no-mess process.

We carry self-inking stamps by Trodat, an industry leader in mechanical stamps.

For round PE stamps up to 1 ⅝” in diameter, we offer the Printy 4642 model. While for round stamps with a diameter greater than 1 ⅝”, we carry the Printy 46050.

These stamps are durable and make incredibly efficient use of their ink. Each stamp is good for 5,000 impressions, and the ink pad can be re-inked or replaced for continual use. You’ll find that a firm press of the stamp creates a clear and legible imprint with evenly distributed ink.

Or, do you prefer old-school, manual rubber stamps? We also offer a classic wood rubber stamp option for all engineer stamps. These work by wetting the stamp on a separate ink pad before each use.

Our wood stamps and seals are hand-assembled in-house by our production team. They feature natural wood bases and walnut-stained wooden handles.

Applying your seal with a rubber stamp has a certain air of sophistication that some professionals continue to prefer over self-inking stamps. A wood rubber stamp also looks great displayed on a desk, making it a nice gift item for an esteemed colleague.

rubber stamps for those who prefer not to use pre-inked engineer seals
Wood Rubber Stamp

Digital Versions of PE Stamps and Seals 

engineer seals with license number to meet requirements for a pre-inked PE stamp
Oklahoma Engineer Stamp and Seal

These days, more and more engineering files move through their life cycle without ever being printed. So, can electronic stamps seal a document with the same authority as wet ink stamps?

In most states, yes they can — an electronic stamp suffices for engineering documents. The electronic stamp just needs to meet all of the professional engineer stamp requirements, such as diameter and wording details.

It’s likely that you’ll use your electronic stamp more than your ink stamp. So, Pro Stamps provides complimentary electronic engineer seals with any PE stamp purchase.

Your electronic stamp comes in JPG format, with additional digital options available for order. Digital-only versions are also available for all engineer stamps. 

Obtaining a Professional Engineer Stamp for Your State

professional stamp to meet state license and seal requirements for a PE
Oregon Engineer Stamp and Seal

Each state board has its own requirements regarding the application of PE stamps. Some states don’t allow the use of digital seals. Those that do will prescribe some specifications. Visit this great list by PDH-Pro to check on the digital stamping rules for your state.

The design of the PE seal itself will also have some differing requirements from state to state. These are generally minor aesthetic details, but they do need to be followed precisely.

A seal is usually circular and contains the name and license number of the professional engineer. However, each state has its own specific requirements for layout, size, and text details.

To obtain the proper seal for your state, just select from our Engineer Stamps and Seals list that covers all 50 states. You’ll find the PE stamp design that fits all of the requirements for your state.

Just fill in your name, license number, and any other required info. Then we’ll generate your fully compliant digital, self-inking, or rubber engineering stamps.

Engineer, Architect, Surveyor, and Notary Stamps and Seals

architect and professional engineer team working on paper files
Source: Pexels

The Pro Stamps staff has over 12 years of experience in the engineering field. We understand that your PE stamp is a small and simple tool, but one that you rely on.

Our stamps are of a superior quality, and all of our products are assembled and engraved in our New England shop. We continually monitor state board seal developments to ensure that all of our stamps are compliant with the current set of requirements.

In addition to professional engineer stamps, we have your whole network covered, with stamps for architects, notaries public, and surveyors.

Each stamp order placed with Pro Stamps includes the following:

  • Free USPS first class shipping
  • Order shipped within one business day, or on the same day if placed before 3 pm ET
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • Complimentary digital JPG file with any wood-mount or self-inking stamp order, delivered within one business day

We understand the importance of avoiding extended delays in your ability to apply your seal to your work. So, we do everything in our power to provide an easy, efficient, and fast customer service experience. The goal is to get you a new high-quality PE stamp as quickly as possible.

For more details on your next PE stamp, visit our Stamp Information page. Then view our collection for engineering stamps and seals for all 50 states. 

Featured Image: Pexels by Anna Tarazevich