5 Smart Reasons to Buy or Renew Your Texas Notary Stamp

Technology has advanced how we perform many tasks, including notarization.

In July 2018, Texas became one of the first states to permit remote online notarization (RON) using audio-visual conferencing. This is a convenient and efficient process that allows people to access notary services without physically meeting a notary.

Modern technology may have advanced the notarization process, but the Texas notary fundamentals remain the same. A Texas notary public, whether online or traditional, still needs to be commissioned by the Texas Secretary of State.

Another basic tool that both online and traditional notaries need is a Texas notary stamp. For RON, it’s an electronic seal—a notary stamp available in digital formats such as JPG or TIFF—while for traditional notaries, it’s an embossed seal or a rubber ink stamp.

Let’s explore five reasons you need to buy or renew your Texas Notary Stamp as we learn about:

  • Basic Texas notary requirements
  • How to become a notary in Texas
  • A notary's authorized duties in Texas

1 - A Notary Stamp Is Required for Notarization in Texas

round Texas Notary Stamp impression
Sample Notary Public Stamp

The law, as set forth in Government Code Chapter 406, requires that every notarization act performed be authenticated with a seal of office.

The seal of office can be:

  • A rubber ink stamp
  • An embossed seal

When stamped, embossed, or printed, the seal of office must clearly show:

  • The words “Notary Public, State of Texas” around a five-point star
  • The notary public’s name
  • The expiration date of the notary public’s commission
  • The notary public’s identification number assigned by the state

You need to buy a notary stamp to comply with the state’s requirements of affixing a seal of office on all notarized acts.

2 - It’s the Culmination of the Application Process

Pro Stamps' self-inking rubber stamp
Trodat Printy 4913

Before you can become a notary public in Texas, you need to be commissioned by the Secretary of State. Training is not required for Texas notaries, and it takes 10–21 days for the Texas Secretary of State to approve applications.

Before you apply, ensure you meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a resident of the state of Texas
  • Have no criminal or felony convictions involving moral turpitude

If you meet these requirements, you can apply to become a Texas notary by following these steps:

  1. Purchase a $10,000 Texas notary bond.
  2. Execute the Statement of Officer oath in the application form, in the presence of an active notary public.
  3. Pay the Texas filing fee of $21.
  4. Submit your completed application form to the Texas Secretary of State.

Your notary commission certificate will be sent to the email address provided in your application form within 10–21 business days. It might take a little longer to receive your commission certificate if you don’t provide an email address, since it’ll be mailed to you.
Once approved, you’ll need to buy a notary stamp to perform notarization acts.

3 - To Follow Texas Statutory Requirements

Pro Stamps' self-inking rubber stamps
Trodat Printy 4913

If your Texas notary stamp doesn’t meet the following requirements provided in Chapter 406, you’ll need to buy a new one:

  • Circular stamps must not be more than 2 inches in diameter.
  • Rectangular stamps shouldn’t be more than 1 inch in width and 2 ½ inches in length.
  • The notary seal must have a serrated or milled edge border.
  • The seal must be affixed by the use of a stamp or seal press that legibly produces the elements of the seal under photographic methods.

While the state of Texas authorizes the use of an embossed seal, its raised imprints are not photographically reproducible. You’ll additionally need to use an impression inker to add ink to the raised imprints, enabling the image to be reproducible.

You could also accompany the embossed seal with a rubber ink stamp to ensure your seal of office is reproducible.

The table below highlights the differences between a rubber ink stamp and an embossed seal.

Rubber Ink Stamp Embossed Seal
Leaves an inked impression Creates raised character impressions on the paper’s surface
Leaves a photographically reproducible impression Leaves a raised impression that can’t be reproduced photographically

The best option for a Texas notary public’s seal of office is a rubber ink stamp. It’ll leave a perfectly printed stamp impression that can be photocopied without the need of additional supplies.

Pro Stamps offers custom, high-quality Texas Notary Stamps that meet all of the official requirements. Our self-inking rubber stamps are good for 5,000 stamp impressions and contain an ink-pad that can be re-inked or replaced.

4 - To Build the Credibility of Your Business

rectangular Texas Notary Stamp sample
Sample Notary Stamp and Seal

Stamp impressions that are too dark, too light, smudged, or incomplete in any way will cause an otherwise valid document to be rejected. This will erode your clients’ faith in you and result in low revenue.

Ensure the following elements of your Texas notary stamp are clear and legible:

  • Your name
  • The words “Notary Public, State of Texas”
  • Your Texas notary ID number
  • The date your notary commission expires

If any of these elements are not legible, or if your stamp produces smudged impressions, then it’s time to get a new one.

You also need to ensure your notary commission is valid while notarizing documents. Texas notary commissions expire four years after they’re issued and need to be renewed after expiration.

Build trust with your customers by using a high-quality notary stamp that leaves a clear, well-printed impression and ensures that all notarized documents are accepted.

5 - To Expand Your Income

Increase your income by offering notary services as a part-time notary public in addition to your full-time job. The three main ways to offer notary services in Texas are as a(n):

  • Traditional notary (based in an office) who physically meets with clients in-office
  • Mobile notary who goes to the client’s workplace or home
  • Online notary who offers services using audio-visual conferencing

The state of Texas sets the maximum notary fee a notary can charge for their services.

The table below lists the authorized duties of a Texas notary public and the maximum allowable fees for each of these services.

Services Charges
Acknowledgements and proofs of the first signature $6 and $1 for every additional signature
Administering oaths and affirmations $6
Taking depositions $0.50 (for every 100 words)
Certifying copies of documents $6
Protesting instruments $4

Mobile Texas notaries can make more money than traditional notaries because they're allowed to set and charge additional travel fees.

Online notaries, on the other hand, are allowed to charge an additional $25 for their services. For instance, if an online notary is administering an oath, the maximum allowable charge is $31 ($6 for administering the oath, plus an extra $25 for the service being conducted online).

Supplement your income by offering remote online notarization services. Order your digital Notary Stamp from Pro Stamps, and we’ll send you the digital files via email within 24 hours of placing your order.

Buy High-Quality Texas Notary Stamps From Pro Stamps

round self-inking rubber stamps
Trodat Printy 46050

Pro Stamps offers high-quality Texas Notary Stamps that adhere to state regulations. Our self-inking stamps are supplied by Trodat, a world leader in professional self-inking stamps.

A firm but gentle press will reproduce a perfectly printed impression that leaves no smudges. Our Notary Stamps last for 5,000 impressions and contain a replaceable and refillable ink pad.

We provide round rubber stamps with a diameter of 1 ⅝ inches and rectangular stamps with a 1-inch width and a 2 ½-inch length.

Rectangular rubber stamps are available in the following color case options:

  • Black
  • Sky Blue
  • Lilac
  • Mango
  • Mint

Order a Texas self-inking stamp and get a free digital seal in JPG format emailed to you within 24 hours of completing your order. This is a great add-on for e-notary services!

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